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Directory of Retail Shopping Districts
Geographic InvestigationsSM provides site selection, site development and consumer research services to:

Service Providers
Real Estate Developers
Shopping Center Operators
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Retail Site Selection Shopping Center Research Consumer Research

Geographic Investigations is the site selection research consultant for

Geographic Investigations conducts:

Geographic Investigations provides:
Site location analyses

Custom research tailored specifically to each individual client

Sales forecasting

Active and ongoing client interaction

Tenant mix evaluation

30 years of industry experience

Feasibility studies

A fair price

Market expansion strategies


Demographic and trade area research


Consumer research


Geographic Investigations is the creator of the Directory of Retail Shopping Districts™,
a 22,000-record electronic inventory of more than 100 street-based retail shopping concentrations
in the U.S.

For more information about the Directory of Retail Shopping Districts, click here.

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